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Monday, September 27, 2010

Craft Fair Photos!

Hey all! Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while. We were preparing for the Suffield 2010 Craft Fair, then it was like a artsy tornado after.
But we are back, and things have been great.
Here are some pictures from that fun weekend!

"Waiting" A painting I did while at the fair. It was awesome having people watch me paint away...passed some of the time too. It was my favorite part! So relaxing and's nice to be one of the few painters at the fair. Not only does that give our booth an edge, but it gives off an ol' artisan feel, back when artists used to get their hands dirty when creating. I have the privilege of knowing some artists who still are like that, but with technology taking off, they are getting harder to find. I consider it one of God's many blessings :)

Our nifty notecard display! Tip: Wrap an artist canvas with wrapping paper. String some ribbon across the front, and tack to the sides. Drape the cards right over the ribbon, and tada! Instant (and cheap) card display. Special thanks to for that one.

A look at what the booth looked like from the walkway. We were told so many times how our booth had the brightest and most fun colors. We had a blast, and appreciate everyone who came out to support us!

See the rest of the photos here on our facebook album!