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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bookmarks are up!! least four of them! But that is a start. We will be continually updating so stayed tune. Until then, check them out!

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

* 10x10 Promotion for September! *

I am so excited to announce this. Ok, here goes:

Wonderfully Made will be at this year's Suffield Arts & Crafts Fair on September 11th & 12th! What is more is we are having what we are calling a "10x10 Promotion."
Every business needs start up costs, but we want to give back too!

Here are the details:
We are providing a coupon for 10% off your whole purchase when purchasing from us at the fair! The key is there are different ways to get the coupon:

1.)If you're either a past customer, business partner, or a family member then you automatically are eligible for a coupon! We will send/email you a printable coupon! We do encourage you to continue and give a donation, but that is optional.
2.) Help us jump start Wonderfully Made the right way by making a monetary donation, in the amount of your choice! You can do this by clicking here to visit our official donation page below!

Here's the cool part. Not only are we giving away 10% coupons on purchases at our booth, but after we tally up all of the September sales, we will donate 10% of the entire final amount to The Lupus Foundation of America, CT Chapter!
(In honor of Jacy's beautiful & inspiring cousin Erin Luciano.)

Hence, creating our wonderful 10x10 Promotion! Hey, we know it's not easy to give. But it is necessary, and if we are asking for your financial help, we want to also make sure a portion will also go to a great cause!

I am so excited about what is going on with WM right now! We still need to hurry and update our Etsy shop, and I mean fast! But I know God's hands are in it and we can only go up from here!

If you are local in CT or MA, we hope to see you there! If not, no sweat! You can still donate AND we will send you the 10x10 Coupon Code to receive 10% off your purchase on our online store!!