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Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Feeling of Success

Yay, we made our first sale...already! It is a great feeling to know that someone likes your work, and it's not just you :)
The best part is the feeling of dread and the thought of "Are we going to make it?" doesn't seem as daunting.
Your first sale feels like that first drive in your first new car, right after you just got your license (yes, this is a dream sequence. Not many kids I know got their license THEN a car. So, let's pretend)!
We have received nothing but positive feedback from our images as well, which is also a huge plus. Just knowing that our work is being appreciated, and now purchased, is truly amazing to us.

Today, as we drove going home, I looked over at Jonathan and said "You know, this could really work." Then, I saw it. That twinkle of excitement flicker across his face and that ambitious gaze as he nodded and smiled...
People think that they have to give up what they love to make ends meet in this life. I admit, the working world does not make it easy by convincing you otherwise. Hey, I always said I would MEVER work at McDonalds because I was going to be an artist. Guess what my first job was? You guessed it, the famous golden arches. And how would I know that is where I would meet Jonathan.

Life is funny. We go through so many motions and turns, all the while wishing and hoping that when we stop, we will somehow be doing what we love. But I feel we need to stop hanging onto hope, but have the hope in our hearts, while getting out there, and doing something about it.
My take on this is exactly what Nike has been saying all these years: Just Do It!
Get out there, and go! Make a difference by making a step! Get your head in the game, make a plan and fly to the goal. I can't tell you how many times you will fall, or fail. I can't tell you when you will succeed.

But I can tell you that if you never get off the bench to play, then you are no more closer to reaching that goal than the water boy...


  1. It is a wonderful feeling to know that people love your work!


  2. MYSAVIOR, it really is, especially in the early stages when your still trying to figure it all out!