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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer Ending?

Oh No! The summer can't end, we just got started! The truth is, I am slowly learning that as an artist aka crafter, you must think ahead to the different seasons. Even though we are making our way into August and there is still that lovely 105 degree heat in the air, many of us are wondering what new things we will offer for Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas! Yikes...

I always cringed when I saw Halloween style ribbon in the craft store during the month of June. Or the pharmacy laying out their Christmas cards in September. But now that Jonathan and I are starting our store, we have to be ahead of the game too. Meaning, I can't cringe anymore when it comes to early planning.
In fact, businesses thrive on it! As a customer, I never understood it. I was so annoyed actually. But as a seller, even with just an online shop, the schedule still needs to be ahead of the game.

*Shiver* So, I guess I need to start a plan for the Christmas season. After all,what is summer for anyways? Sunbathing and swimming are overrated *sigh*

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